It seems like we have at least a couple tours come through our Andrews County facility every week – as folks from all over the world want to take a look at our unique, state of the art nuclear waste disposal facility. But earlier this week, we had a very special group come through the facility.


All of us at WCS were honored to have three Congressman and their staff tour our facilities last Monday. Our representative from Andrews, Congressman Michael Conaway, hosted the group which included Congressman Steve Pearce (R- NM) and Congressman Richard Hudson (R-NC). They were joined by leadership from Andrews, Texas.


It gave me an opportunity to provide them with an update on where we are in the process of licensing a Consolidated Interim Storage Facility (CISF). And we had a good discussion about what we’ll need from the federal government – which is nothing more than legislative clarity on the authority of the Department of Energy (DOE) to contract with us before starting construction and operations.


We also discussed the possibility of using some of the interest generated by the Nuclear Waste Fund to pay for this interim storage, and what steps needed to be taken by DOE to facilitate the transportation of used fuel.


All of us at WCS are extremely grateful to Congressman Conaway for taking the lead in helping the community of Andrews address these issues. We believe there is growing support for a pilot program that would enable interim storage for waste currently stored at decommissioned plants around the country. This interim step should help us move one step closer to securing a permanent geologic repository.


As I said, we have a lot of tours and always welcome visitors but this one was special.


So thanks again to Congressman Michael Conaway and his staff for bringing what we hope will be only the first of many Congressional visits.